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Medical Billing Services 

Keystone Health Partners provides comprehensive, cost-effective medical billing and practice management services that directly increase the revenue and profitability of your medical practice.

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The days of a knowledgeable biller and a server-based platform are over. Our system's Claim Inspector scrubs your claims before we ever send the files.

It includes more than 3.5 million edits for CCI, HIPAA, LMRP and carrier-specific problems. All this makes it easier to fix your claims prior to submission, which means fewer denials and a better bottom line.

We use top clearinghouse partners and utilize secure Web transmissions for rapid claims payment. We get your claims billed faster - so you get paid faster.

Our collection tools create customizable work lists to enhance our collections process. No more time is wasted sifting through reports or prioritizing which accounts to work on.

Patients are tracked automatically, whenever an action is taken on an account, the action is recorded along with the recommended follow-up action. Imagine what that kind of efficiency can do for your collection rates!

We implement automated cycle billing for your patient statements. Statements are automatically printed, stuffed, addressed, stamped and mailed. We generate patient statements weekly, instead of monthly.

This simple action typically improves collection times by more than 10 days on your patient balances. The result is a reduction in your total accounts receivable - isn't that the goal?

HIPAA security rules call for stringently protecting data from unauthorized access. Our client's data is secured safely behind enterprise-level firewalls in world-class data centers to prevent unauthorized electronic access.

Additionally, when you access the system, data passes back and forth using the highest encryption available - the same security used by leading financial institutions for online transactions.

The result: on average, physicians have increased collections by more than 15% over their old billing methods during their year with us.

This means a single physician that was averaging $65,000 a month in collection is collecting an additional $117,000 per year.